Our unique offer

The Software Accelerator is the best place for companies with huge potential that need exceptional bespoke software to drive growth.

We share the risk

We charge only the development costs up front – meaning we lower costs and share the project risk.

The highest quality software development

We work to a standard that is hard to find on the open market.

Payment based on success

With each client we agree a performance measure – we are paid a success fee only when our software meets these standards and performs for our clients.

Is your company ready for growth?

We work with exciting businesses, led by interesting people delivering innovative products. We provide the software magic to help these businesses grow.

If your business could do great things given a top quality software solution, and if you want to pay when your project succeeds, contact us to see if we can help.


Why we love payment by results

At the heart of the Software Accelerator is payment by results.

We are committed to payment by results – it is our way to underline our confidence that we deliver. (Full article...)

How we help tour operators

The last few years have been challenging for tour operators – pressure has come from low consumer confidence and from direct selling on-line which has made for difficult conditions. Change is afoot with an industry wide shift towards a customer oriented environment. (Full article...)

Pay for bespoke software when it works for your business

For businesses that need bespoke software to grow – we provide the highest quality bespoke software development – a higher quality than you will find on the open market. In addition we take payment based on results – meaning you pay when the software performs for your business. (Full article...)

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